Tony Pay's Lenham GT Coupe.

Tony Pay Lenhams GT 
This car was owned by Tony Pay. He recently contacted the Register with his story.

"Many years ago, Julian Booty was a close friend, but I now live in Scotland and we’ve not met for many a long year. 
Back in the late sixties, I guess, he converted my 1958 Sprite to my specification using his front and back as a   basis.
As you’ll see from the photo, starting from the front, the Lenham   bonnet was modified to have two spot lights inside the bonnet, with Perspex   fairings. The bonnet had a couple of NACA slots, one
to the heater, the other to   the carbs. You can also see, just, that the bonnet itself was cut into three:   the main part, and the two lower bits at each side which were fixed to the sill   underneath, the 
scuttle at the rear, and to the slope going forwards and down   at, say 30 degrees from the scuttle to the rear of the front wheel   arch.The windscreen was very special. It came from a Spitfire, to give 
the   curvature we wanted. The sidescreens followed the angle of the screen at the   front, and at the rear, the line between the rear of the door and the main   bodywork was continued into the roof. 
Astern of this were three louvres, Ferrari   style, level at the bottom, reducing in height as the roof line was lowered. A   drip line went on the roof from the windscreen to the rear of the last louver.   
On the driver’s side, at the rear, a quick release Aston filler cap was let into   the body, with a small drip-tube inside to drain water from the small pit around   the filler.
I think we had Ford tri-partite rear lights, later replaced by Fiat   items, but I can’t remember this clearly.The wheels were I think J A Pearce widened standard wheels 5½J again from memory.
Scilla and I bought 347 before we were married, and indeed went on honeymoon to   Ireland in the old bus. She was a   1958 car, of the slightly later variant, and painted in the original dark green,  
which I still think was much nicer than the paler later colour. I used her in   various club events, and I remember we had a very early roll-over bar, although   I can’t remember when this was fitted. 
We had safety belt from very early. Over   the years she was progressively up-graded, including disc brakes, but I think   always with a 948 engine. Eventually, she just got tired, and mouldered away
on   our farm in Sussex.  (I also had John Britten’s Lenham racer, ex-engine and gearbox,  but still in its original pale yellow, and with the odd roof-fairing over John’s large head!) This, too, eventually
died down in Sussex."
I must say, I do like the treatment of the front. It is reminiscent of the Factory Competition Sprites and would allow much better access and one less spot to bang your head! Also, this is the third GT 
on the Register to have a Spitfire windscreen. (The other two belonging Ralph Zbarsky and Chris Pass.)

Many thanks to Tony for the photo and words.