Roger Hewitt 's Lenham LeMans Coupe




Roger Hewitt Lenham Le Mans Coupe - 002Roger Hewitt Lenham Le Mans Coupe - 001

Roger Hewitt Lenham Le Mans Coupe - 003Roger Hewitt Lenham Le Mans Coupe - 004


Roger recently contacted the Register with some period photos of his Le Mans coupe. "I noticed on your website that you might be interested to hear from Lenham Spridget owners, so I'm sending you a few pictures of my car.  My Lenham Coupe is based on a 1967 mk3 Midget and I built the car in 1971 obtaining a new K reg at that time.  My car is on Tim Saunders' Register as it has a Williams & Pritchard bonnet.  Since the original build, however, the car has undergone a few mods for sprints/hillclimbs and some races. I am hoping to send you more pictures (when I can find them!) that I have of the car when first built... in the meantime I hope the attached ones will be of interest to you and your club members...."

You will see the engine bay contains something other than an A-series. It is, in fact a Fiat twin cam engine, complete with 5 speed gear-box. "The Lenham is in a spare garage at my brother's place, which is about 90 miles round trip for me so as soon as I can make space at my place for the car, I'll be able to hopefully speed up the restoration. Yes, it now has a complete Fiat 1600 TC & box fitted.  The car is now on a Swansea log book, but not yet registered as a historic vehicle. The original A series engine that came with the car was modified to full race spec., but after my competition days I put the car back on the road (1991-92) and because the race engine wouldn't cope with town traffic etc., I looked round for a cheap option...£35 at the scrap yards (at that time) for a complete Fiat TC &box.  I bought two! A lot more recently, I aquired a 2 litre Fiat TC engine/box.  So when I get a spare minute, I'm planning to check this over and do a straight swap temporarly while I rebuild the1600 engine. ."

The car is currently undergoing a (long-term) restoration and we look forward to some more up to date photos shortly.

Many thanks to Roger for the use of his photos and words.