Ralph Zbarsky's Lenham GT Coupe.

Ralph Zbarsky's Lenham GTRalph Zbarsky's Lenham GT

Ralph Zbarsky's Lenham GTRalph Zbarsky's Lenham GT

Ralph Zbarsky's Lenham GTRalph Zbarsky's Lenham GT

This car is owned by Ralph Zbarsky of Vancouver, Canada. Ralph says, "I 'found' it in California about a year ago, it had been imported from the UK, RHD with a 
1275. I have rebuilt the engine, C/R gearbox, cage, paint, upholstery, and I plan to have it race ready by the end of this year."..."The fellow I got it from really 
knew nothing about them, he was selling it for someone else. He did tell me that the UK registration was original and correct, so I will be putting it back on the 
car."....."The car had an ID plate on it, from a 1961 Sprite, although it had a 1275 in it, not a 948."....."There is evidence of a little 'kick-up' originally on the tail, 
which has been smoothed off. The tail lights were rectangular & ugly, so I found some early round Cortina assemblies to put in. There were really no go-fast 
goodies on it when found."
A search of DVLA records (Thanks David Smith), shows that 505 CYF was originally registered October 11, 1961 as an Austin. It left the UK on November 1, 1986. 
At that time it was Maroon in colour and had a 1275cc engine.

Ralph Zbarsky Lenham GT 007Ralph Zbarsky Lenham GT 008

Ralph Zbarsky Lenham GT 009Ralph Zbarsky Lenham GT 010

Ralph Zbarsky Lenham GT 011Ralph Zbarsky Lenham GT 012

Ralph's car has progressed nicely. These photos were taken at the "All British" Day in Vancouver in May 2010. "Last weekend was probably the first time in 20 years this Lenham was exposed to
   ozone.....Next photos ‘should’ be on-track. The car seems still quite unique among Lenhams, with the absence of quarter-lights and the faired-in windscreen.   Loads of interest....... "

If anybody has any more information on the history of this car please contact me so that I can pass it on to Ralph. Many thanks to Ralph for his photographs and words..