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05 March, 2013

The page for Neil Scott's Le Mans Coupe has been updated with new photos and words. Another high quality Lenham is soon going to be up and running!!

28 February 2013

A new magazine article has been added. Classic Cars "Men of Lenham" is a nice piece about the history of Lenhams. I have also been contacted by Neil Scott with info and photos of the
rebuild of his Le Mans Coupe. I hope to have this put together for an update to his page within the next couple of days.

26 February 2013

Thomas von Kreisler has sent an update on his Lenham GT. It now has an engine and instrument panel. He is making good progress and the car is looking terrific. Come back for more 
new items soon.

19 February 2013

It has been a long time between drinks. The Register has been asleep for some time but has now woken. Starting with a new Le Mans Coupe, that of Mark "Dutch" Holland in California. 
Mark bought the car from the Bring a Trailer web-site early last year and has done a wonderful job with it. See the Le Mans Coupe section for his page.
I also have pages underway for an Australian GT Coupe, a Le Mans Coupe and a GTO. The GT Coupe is the famous "152 FLY". This car has appeared in magazine articles and advertising, 
in fact it is still used in the Lenham Motor Company adverts (Despite the fact that it has a W&P Sebring bonnet!)
Speaking of magazine articles, I have a number of new (old) ones to be added to the magazine section over the next few weeks.
Finally, I will send an e-mail to all owners on the Register asking for recent photos and news of their cars. If you own, or know of a Lenham I would love to hear from you. Please send me 
an e-mail to john@lenhamspridgetregister.com

13 December 2011

A Le Mans coupe has changed hands in Australia (New page coming soon), Thomas von Kreisler is continuing with his restoration, Terry Brown has had his motor and gearbox in and 
out and David Scothorn has bought a brace of Lenhams! 
Also, a new club has been formed for Lenham owners and others who are interested. See the Links page for more info.  

16 August 2011

A new page has been added for Roger Hewitt's Le Mans Coupe. A fairly heavily modified car from the '70s. Also some new photos from Ken Nicholas, the current owner of CYR 7C.
Also, another Le Mans Coupe will soon be added.

13 July 2011

A new page has been added for Chris Pass' Lenham GT.

04 July 2011

Recent correspondence with a number of members of the Register has resulted in some updates to pages. Harald Sailer, Angelo van de Rijt and Ian Burford all have new photos and 
info. Some new magazine articles have been added and more will follow shortly. Some more cars have recently come to light and I hope to add pages for these.

28 June 2011

Some updates have been made to the Dave Matthews page as well as the CYR 7C page. Dave has sent many photos and information on his previous cars, as well as background
information and contact details of other cars and owners. More pages will be added soon.

18 June 2011

A few minor additions and changes have been made. 
A page based on the cars of David Matthews has been added. A couple of Le Mans Coupes have changed hands recently and these pages have been updated.
Lenhams were recently spotted at the Midget 50 celebrations, including the very nice looking Le Mans of the Lenham Motor Co. England Ltd. 
Hopefully we will get some photos soon.

09 June 2011

The Register now consists of 17 Lenham GTs, 27 Le Mans Coupes and 5 GTO Roadsters. These are all cars that we have contact details for, or have been in touch with the owners. 
There are a number of other cars known to the Register but we have not been able to contact the owners. Hopefully, these too will be added in the future. 

26 May 2011

It has been a long while since the Register site has been updated.
There have been some new cars added and some additions to existing pages, including some cars that have changed hands.
Some period articles have been reproduced and there are a couple of new links to other sites.
It was pleasing to be recently contacted by a driving instructor that uses this web-site as a reference, teaching her students about "Car Culture". She forwarded a link to a site 
that has a lot of information about many different cars and is very interesting. I have added it to the links page.
It was pleasing to see Lenhams featured in recent editions of the English magazines "Classic Cars" and "Sports and Classic Cars". I will endeavour to reproduce those articles on
this site.
With luck (And some extra effort) I hope that the Register site will be updated on a more regular basis.

10 February 2010

It never rains, but it pours!! I have had contact from Ian Burford, who has just purchased the ex-Gordon Howie Le Mans Coupe. A page has been added for this car.
More competition photos of Denis Best's car will be added in the near future. Pages are also being prepared for another GT Coupe and a further Le Mans Coupe. Keep watching....

09 February 2010

It has been quite a while since the web-site has been updated. My apologies to those who have sent information and photographs. There have been a few 
technical difficulties that have now, hopefully, been resolved. 
Updates include alterations to Rob Vermaas' Lenham GT, as well as the addition of Bosse Lindahl's GT, Wim Dogterom's GT and Thomas von Kreisler's GT. Peter Hawkins Le Mans 
Coupe has also been added, as well as Dermot Healy's Le Mans Modsports Racer.
A link has been added to Gary Lazarus' UK Register of Mk1 Sprites.

06 July 2009

Harald Sailer's Le Mans Coupe page has been updated with new photographs. More photos of 980 YFK to follow shortly. Also, a Prodsports Le Mans Coupe to 
appear shortly. Hopefully, another two Le Mans Coupes that changed hands recently will be making appearances on the web-site in the near future.

25 June 2009

News just in. Julius Thurgood, in association with Lenham Motor Company, announce the Lenham GT challenge. A race series for GT Spridgets and others.
For more information e-mail Julius Thurgood Click here to see the flyer.

18 June 2009

A new page has been added to the Lenham GT section. Rob Vermaas has a lovely GT based on an early Mk 1 Sprite.

I have had confirmation that the NSW Le Mans Coupe has been bought by Alex Robertson of Queensland. A page for this car will be put up shortly.

14 June 2009

At present, the Register is aware of 8 Lenham GTs, 23 Le Mans Coupes and 5 GTOs.

A Le Mans Coupe with a Sebring GT nose has recently been for sale in NSW, Australia. It is believed that it has been bought. More to come...

Terry Brown's Le Mans Coupe page has been updated with additional photos and information on the car. This is a spectacular car that has been highly modified
over the years.

14 May 2009.

The Register has been contacted by another two GT owners. One is in the UK and the other in Germany. Although both cars were known, they were not part 
of the Register. Hopefully these cars will have their own pages shortly.

Denis Best has forwarded some photos of his weekend at Bathurst for the FoSC meeting. A few of these have been added to his page. Denis was also competing 
at Eastern Creek recently where he had an "off" at Turn 1. Hopefully the car is not too badly damaged and will be repaired soon.

Finally, a Le Mans bodied Midget was recently sold on e-bay. The Register hopes to make contact with the new owner so that a page can be added for that car.

21 April 2009.

The register has been in contact with David Matthews. David has kindly sent many photos of his previous cars and I will be placing them on a separate page shortly. Watkins Glen 1990
David has also supplied a few period photos of other cars to be traced including the "Pirelli" Lenham GT, seen here at Watkins Glen in 1990.
10 April 2009.

UON 535H
A GTO has come onto the market. Lenham Sportscars has for sale UON 535H. This is based on a Mk3 Midget and was built by Lenhams 
for David Matthews in 1996. David sold the car to John Goodwin in 2002. For more information click here. 

Denis Best will be competing in his Le Mans Coupe over the Easter weekend at Mt. Panorama, NSW. Click here to visit the FoSC  
(Festival of Sporting Cars) web site for more information.

Bruce Stillwell's Le Mans Coupe

Another Le Mans Coupe has come to the attention of the Register. This car is in Victoria, Australia and is based on a Mk3 Sprite. I am in the 
process of compiling a page for this car. More to follow.....
07 March 2009. 

The Lenham Spridget Register currently has details of 29 cars. This consists of 6 GT Coupes, 18 Le Mans Coupes, and 5 GTO Roadsters.

3 new cars have been brought to the attention of the Register this Month.

980 YFK


Firstly a GT Coupe in Holland (Thought to be a "Factory" prototype, a claim yet to be verified). Photos and details to follow, as I have now been in touch with the new owner.


Secondly, a Le Mans Coupe in NSW, Australia. I am in the process of trying to make contact with the owner.

Terry Brown

Third, another Le Mans Coupe in the UK. This car belongs to Terry Brown and is based on a Mk3 Sprite that Terry has owned since new. Photos and details of this car should be on the web-site shortly.


Finally, I have been contacted by the owner of a GTO, in the UK. It is a well known car and new photos and details will follow shortly.