CYR 7C Lenham GTO Roadster.

CYR 7C is a Lenham GTO roadster, commisioned by David Matthews in 1989. The conversion was carried out by Lenham Motor Co. under the auspices of Julian Booty. David describes the below photos. "Found these - did not know I had them. I think Julian Booty took them to show me the progress at the time. Donor car and old mold taken, fitted then modified to make a master buck mold (which you have a photo on the site of already) - having removed the SWA and modified to RWD. Looks so much better.  We left a smaller line inset of the rear section so that if someone wanted to put a boot lid in they could."

CYR 7C Build 001CYR 7C Build 002

CYR 7C Build 003CYR 7C Build 004

CYR 7C Build 005

Below is the Master Mould and the moulds for the headlight covers.

GTO MouldHeadlight cover moulds


"Here is the GTO emerging from West Street Harrietsham fibre glass department in the winter of 1989."

CYR 7C Build 006CYR 7C Build 007


CYR 7C - 001CYR 7C


CYR7C Rear


Below - December 1990.

LenhamGTODec1990Xmas 001

CYR 7C LeMans CoupesCYR 7C

CYR 7C - 005CYR 7C

This car was built by Lenhams for Dave Matthews in 1989/1990, on a brand new Leyland RWA body (still with its Bar code and Leyland Primer - as found by Martin Ingall). "I sold the car via Lenham Motor Co in 1992. The purchaser, a year later and with only an additional 50 miles on the clock, sold it to a guy in Scotland, again via Lenham Motor Co.  I bought it back in Feb 2004 and I think I sold it to Ken Nicholas in 2006/7." Ken Nicholas still owns it.

Ken Nichols with CYR7C

Ken has recently been in touch with the Register and has sent some current photos of CYR 7C taken "Locally, on a sunny day out."


CYR 7C Aug 2011 - 001CYR 7C Aug 2011 - 004

CYR 7C Aug 2011 - 003CYR 7C Aug 2011 - 002


Many thanks to David, Kenand Ray English for these photographs and to David and Ken for their words.